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tv   ABC 7 News at 4PM  ABC  May 30, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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our work to find the missing and they are an important part of our collective history. >> betty's brother was in the army air corp in world war ii. >> he disappeared in the clows. so they are still looking for him today. >> i was shot down july 30th, 1943 over holland. >> 91 year old bob blue was listed missing in world war ii. he spent two yearrs in a german prison camp. >> my tail gun was killed in the plane and he was 18 years old and i think of him and the life that he could have led. he was held prisoner in the german stalag 13 . the site of a famous tunneling
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escape depicted in the great escape. live in walnut creek. abc sevennews. >> it is 70 years, isn't the department of defense actively searching for those missing from world war ii? >> it is an active search. thanks to dna sampling, they have been successful. in fact they located and identified the remains of three world war ii veterans. of course, it is a race against time. all of these veterans and their memories and diaries and recollections are in their minds and they are now 80 or 90 years old. >> absolutely. thank you, laur a. >> and the oakland a's honored the military in the game against the new york yankees. 10 marine recruits were sworn in at home plate. several of the tributes in the
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ball park. the a's pitcher was covered with head to toe camoflauge. >> i played baseball when i was younger and not good enough to play in high school. late see what he's got . >> there were emotional observance from the tomb of the unknown and tj winic. >> the message could not be more timely. >> to not let people forget. there were many people, willing to raise their hand and take an oath to protect our freedom and put the uniform home. >> her son served america in
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the navy special forces. >> at a time when 150,000 americans are stationed in war zones over seas, memorial day is just a date on the calendar. >> in memory of all of those lost in battle, president obama laid a wreth today in the tomb of the unknown soldier. >> to those of you who mourn the loss of a loved one today, my heart goes out to you. i love my daughters more than anything in the world. i cannot imagine losing them. i can't imagine losing a sister or brother or parent at war. >> also today in arlington national cemetery small flags deck - decorated the graves. the idea of memorial day was not lost. >> we wouldn't be like this if not for them.
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>> and on the jersey shore after the parade and picnics were over, veterans gathered to remember the men and women who served their country and weren't able to come home. >> tj winnick, abc 7 news, new york! , 50 people turned out to honor those who died on flight 93 back on 9/11. the memorial is located in union center because many of the passengers were from the bay area. the flight crashed after passengers rushed and fought the four terrorist that were on board. hilda marson perished on the plane. >> it is a place to reflect on the day and talk to other people who may be visiting here and it is meaningful to us. >> family members read the names of their loved ones. flight 93 memorial is under
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construction in the crash site in pennsylvania and dedicated on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. >> there -- 26 year old michelle lee went missing. she is a student in samuel merit university and disappeared in a break in a break in a clinical rotation in kaiser medical center. >> our faculty filed a missing person report. we are a close knit family and when something is different or missing, then we take quick notice. >> lee is not answering her cell phone. they found her car parked near the hospital. >> oakland police are trying to figure out how a side show killed two people and critically injured a third.
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>> there were happens of people gathered out here for a block party, now it is a place for family members of those killed have come to grieve. >> last night's side show was in full force. cars spinning in circle and doing doughnuts and hundreds of people watching. this is what it looked like hours later, residents said every year there has been a block party outside of the motorcycle club headquarters, but this year it involved in a side show and then a triple shooting. >> i heard 10. i heard five over there and i got in the parking lot and then i heard more shots and more people started screaming and ran. this way, and that way, and every way. >> a 28 year old san leandro
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woman is in critical condition. two others dead at the scene. minutes before the shooting, her mother said it was time to leave. >> too many youngsters hanging out and bad driving, and you know, just all of the bad stuff. >> 29 year old eric bush was killed. his best friend spent the morning cleaning his blood from the sidewalk. >> he was a honest hard-working man and took care of his family and kids. he is not a bad man at all. >> residents say despite the happens of people gathered out here, police did not show up until after the shooting and police only released a brief message, saying they have no motive and made no arrest. abc 7 news. >> it seems like we haven't heard much of the side shows lately.
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are they on the decline? >> yeah, that is interesting, larry. for so long side shows were a persistant problem for the oakland police and you would hear about the shootings linked to them. chief anthony bats came out publicly in the fall of last year through extra enforcements, the police have put a stop to them. they may be back and a problem that police have got to deal with. >> thank you. >> and san jose police are looking for a person who shot and killed a mother of five as she was driving home. 35 year old melissa roth died 10:30. a relative in the car richard, was also shot. he was treated and released. ross's family said the shooter may have mistaken her for someone else.
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>> san jose police believe that drunk driving led to the toppling of nine wooden utility poles. a four door honda plowed in the poles on hill side avenue. the car knocked out power to several homes and phone service. officers arrested an 18 year old on suspicion of drunk driving. the passenger had minor injuries. cruc have finished work on the bay bridge. temporary oakland touchdown will enable work to progress on the eastern span of the bridge to the toil - toll plasa area. less than two years from now. >> it is chilly on the memorial day holiday. spencer christian up with the first look. >> and the next 24 hours are
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less like presummer and more like presummer. >> this evening, clouds will be thickening and ranging from 54 to 62 . overnight showers will develop and tomorrow morning it will be wet and showery . during the afternoon, we'll see breaks of sun and scattered showers are likely to continue in the afternoon. from time to time. temperatures range from 56 and what does the remainder of the weekend look like. i will have that coming up later in the accu-weather forecast. >> snow near nes - fresno. >> i drive through neighborhood and look over the rooftops. >> learning to drive again. helping veterans recover from the trauma of driving through war zones. >> what the government is
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replacing food with to promote healthy eating. >> 4:10 on memorial day, looking at the golden gate bridge and travelers coming back in the city after the holiday season. back with more on the news at back with more on the news at 4:00. as a buyer for t.j.maxx, i'm not just looking for deals, i'm looking for the hottest fashion. hot -- hot, hot. i get a lot of ideas just walking around the city, checking people out.
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>> this memorial day we honor servicemen and women who make sacrifices but not all are physical. imagine having to relearn how to drive. because you are used to driving with a war zone and coping with post traumatic
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stress syndrome. >> the army veteran took driving for granted but not anymore. >> i know when i drive through neighborhoods, i lookk on rooftops and over the bridges. i don't think that will go away. hyper vigilant wherever i am at. >> in iraq that was the defense between life and death. >> humvee snipers were taught to look for road side bomb and if there was a threat don't stop. >> don't stop. rules of engagement not to stop. >> victor came back to san jose with post traumatic stress syndrome and his finance wanted him to control
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the rage behind the wheel. >> they are forced to see me. family and someone else reported they are driving aggressively and getting angry real quick. >> it is designed to get veterans safely back on the road . possible triggers that would force a soldier in a fight or flight reaction. >> easy on the gas. stop. >> this simul ator allows them to work through. >> why is my heart rate and anxiety up. >> a guy on the cell phone and a truck next to me. i feel boxed in. >> once a base line is established they get on the road. and coping strategies are taught. >> they teach me to calm down and just be able to relax when you drive. >> we think of alternative
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options in our mind we can feel empathy instead of anger. >> it is part of a comprehensive mental health program that includes therapy. as for victor, his fiance complains less about his driving now. >> researchers from the university of rochester is raising concerns about what children drink. nutritionist said children shouldn't have the drinks. research shows they can rob children of the calcium they should get from milk. sports drink make kids more prone to obesity. >> and a new food pyramidis out. it is part of the effort to understand healthy food choices. the original fod pyramids was
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revamped in 1995. >> alaska airlines is going high tech. they will replace all pilot flight manuals with ipads. they will hold the same data as the paper manual flights. it will free up space and lighten the load by 20 pounds. alaska airline citizen first airlines to use the pad for this purpose. >> snow greeted the vacationers in the foot hilse. >> people traded swim suits for jackets. more than an inch of snow fell around the lake. it is usually filled with boats. not this weekend. all camp sites were booked. but many families decided to head home early . look at heavenly ski resort at
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tahoe. they got between 4-9 inches of snow and keep in mind june is a couple of days away. >> people had holiday barbecues planned and it seemed like a good idea to get close to the fire. >> i am planning a snow ball fight. >> and we haven't had any locations in the bay area top 70 degrees yet. not so far. it is unusually cool . so here we go. a live view from the east bay camera . looking at an interesting sky. this is sunny as it gets on this memorial day for much of the bay area. this slice of the sky we are looking at now. >> we have mid-to upper 60s inland . 67 in antioch and 67 in concord. cooler near the bay and coast. 60 in oakland . 59 in san francisco. 59 in san rafael. we have gusts out of the
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southwest at 28 miles per hour. fairfield 23 miles per hour . napa 20 miles per hour one of the gusts . sfo breezy . we'll see showers developing overnight. scattered showers overnight and breaks of sunshine and cloud and perhaps showers return at week's end. satellite radar composit shows a cold and unstabla air mass coming our way. that means showers developing overnight. short low after midnight we'll see the first wave of showers arrive negligent north bay . middle of rush hour. there will be some dry spots . we'll see scattered showers and breaks in the action and sun here and there . mainly dry and few scattered showers and cold air will have arrived to produce mixed
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precipitation with snow over there . then wednesday morning we go. more showers developing for the morning rush on wednesday. we'll not get much of a break . overnight tonight. windy and wet conditions and low temperatures in the 40s and 50s . highs tomorrow. 68 on the campbell . low to mid60s and mid-to upper 50s on the coast . downtown fran frann high - san francisco high of 61 . mainlyy in the low to mid-60s. 62 in berkeley and 62 in oakland. upper 60s inland. 69 in antioch . mid-60s by the bay. here's the 7-day forecast, we might see thunderstorms with the air being more unstable and then clouds up on friday and a chance of showers on saturday . finally dryer and milder air
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on sunday and monday. we are talking about the fifth and sixth of june. it is not exactly warm. it is what it is. >> we can't change it. >> just ahead. the latest on hip hop singer sean kingston after she was critically injured in a jet ski accident. >> sarah palin's real reason for her nationwide bus tour. >> last chance to weigh in on the off leash dawn debate. and check out the bay bridge toll plasa. this is a recurring theme. if you are fast track and in the middle of the screen breezing through to the toll plasa and if you don't you are stuck in traffic and heading back to san francisco that seems never ending. advertising for fast track once again. we'll be right back. ñ/ñ/ñ/ñ/ñ/ññ
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a hip top artist injured in miami this weekend. here's the on the red carpet report. sing are sean kingstonized. they lost control of the jet ski and crashed in a miami beach bridge sunday night. he is in stable intensive care. >> millions of merrence are nursing a hangover this
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holiday weekend. >> we have a situation. hang over two earned estimated 138 million since thursday. that's the biggest hoping for a comedy on record. movie maker master tim burton unveils his newest. >> i am not the best artist but i enjoyed it. >> and the exhibit includes 700 burton's drawing and puppets. get all of the information. i am rachel smith on the red carpet. and new after 4:30. the political battle, how will the u.s. pay for the wars we
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are fighting? mark matthew. >> what a kindergarten teacher do to calm her students in a shoot out. >> looking from memoriville to the golden gate. we have a lot of clouds in the sky. we'll have the forecast coming up.
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>> as the country comes together to honor americans killed in political. the political battle over the war in afghanistan is still dividing the nation. >> president obama plan to draw down u.s. troops there start nothing july. mark matthews joins us with that story. >> the war is an unpopular war . it is getting more unpopular by the day. bay area lawmakers want the troops home faster. >> at san francisco national cemetery this morning, there was a special observance. this year marks the centth anniversary of the u.s. entry in world war ii. >> we are here to remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice and the course of their service to our country. >> 1941 was a time when the country came together. >> the nation is sharply divided over the current war.
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>> some of us were around for the vietnam war and this sounds like vietnam. >> and this month the representative introduced an amendment to the defense bill to end the funding of the war and the opponents came close to passing the bill to hasten the troops. but this couple is not so sure. their son was killed in iraq. they listened to the speechs and playing of taps and then they told me, they would like the war to end, but not if it means leaving iraq and afghanistan in worse shape. >> i wouldn't want to see us walk away and leave a mess behind where they can undo the good done. >> we all want peace, but the reality is, when some evil
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comes out, we are the ones that stand by. >> we will hear from veterans on the issue of when to with draw . the poll numbers that turned sharply after the killing of osama bin laden. >> how did the numbers change? >> it was interesting. to polls done. one the week before and one the week woke that the news broke. more people filt after bin laden's death we were done in afghanistan and accomplished the goal and went from being a even split to a 59-39 police to get out. >> yeah, you know, you listen to the president's plan and they will start with drawing troops this year. we'll see how it playies out politically. it is not in the president's mind to yank them out at the numbers that congress and opponents of the war are talking about. >> it is a dadly day in a
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normally secure part of afghanistan. taliban bombers set off bombs. five afghans were kill thren - 37 others wounded. they were aimed in the military base. four other nato sold yerse were wounded. >> president obama chose a stanford professor as the next u.s. ambassador to rush yampt mcfall is a expert. he would be the first nondiplomat to hold the post in 30 years. he's been a key architect of president obama's efforts to repair ties with russia. >> mexican government is honoring a teacher who kept children safe after a gun battle. ♪ [ singing ] >> the youtube video shows the
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teacher in mexico coaxes students to lie flat. she sang from barney and friends as gunfire went off outside. the gunmen killed five people in a taxi stand near the school. the mexican government praised her for showing incredible courage. >> in japan a typhoon is causing heavy rains around the fukushima nuclear plant and rising water has sparked fears of mudslide and flooding. >> in japan's battered northern coast. the tropical storm brought heavy rainns and winds to an area reeling from the powerful earthquake and tsunami. these two men were rescued by the coast guard after the engine died.
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waves were too powerful for them to make it back to shore. >> flooding is a constant. the magnitude quake shifted the entire country and lowered elivationn three feet. water covers the streets at high tide every day and the rains turned the neighborhoods in raging rivers. in the fukushima nuclear plant they sprayed the reactor with chemicals. there are increasing concern that is the storm could carry contaminated material by air. there is radioactive water levels inside of the reactors inside. there are 80 evacuees to return to a familiar place. but there are little complaints. abc news tokyo. >> former alaska governor
4:35 pm
sarah palin has not announced whether she plan to run for president. palin and family stopped in the national archive to view the u.s. constitution. palin hasn't released a tour schedule but is expected to go to new hampshire. >> this is not a campaign bus. this is a bus to be able to express to america how much we appreciate our fownation and invite more people interested. >> and palin's decision to kick off the tour by riding a harleyy in drew reaction from veterans. some were glad to see her and others say rolling thunder should be about unity and not politics. >> world war ii, and hon horring america's - honoring american soldiers. >> and a minnesota community
4:36 pm
comes through to help make a man's dreamm a reality. >> cars on the left of the screen making the approach on the bridge. traffic on the right moving nicely. >> if you are traveling, spencer has the national forecast. >> you can see green lights and air traffic is moving nicely in the 48 states . delays are 38 minutes old . longer in denver because of high wind. la guardia in new york, traffic management delays, up to 45 minute to an hour. but no weather condition problems.
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you can see
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>> endeavor setting her sails and departing the international space station after 12 missions to the orbiting complex. >> the shuttle undocked last night after a 12 day maintenance mission. the crew of six took a victryy lap and tested the equipment for a future interplanetary ship. it will be retired to a museum in los angeles. at lantis will close out the 30 year shuttle program in july. >> a world war ii veterans continues his fight to bring back bodies of american
4:40 pm
soldiers. leon cooper flew over sonoma in a world war ii era plan. he is a survivor from 1943 where a thousand marines died in a 76 hour period along with 4600 japanese and korean soldiers. hundreds of remanies remain buried on the beach. >> the hundreds of guys who lie with are they fell are but a token of the world war ii guys who fell in new guinea and philippines. >> efforts to recover the bodies of u.s. soldiers only resulted in a handful of marines. >> they say it was pay back. >> hackers who planted a story about tupac.
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>> and hundreds of dollars to a rental car coast. exposing the fine print on 7 on your side.
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c>>ulent -- rental car legislation is now proposed in
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the federal level. a bill from schuck schumer in new york would ban cars from renting cars under recall. the state assembly aproved the version. if you rent a car, you can't help but notice the added fees. >> it can push the rental rate up 30 or 40 percent. >> here is how to tell us how. >> if you rented a car. it seemed like they never met a fee they don't like . there are so many it can be confusing and costly. if you are not ready for the options. when you arrive in the rental car desk. and paying for a rental car is just the start. a child safety seat costs extra and emergency road side assistance and easy pass to pay the tolls. >> i don't want to be nickeled
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and dimed. >> shop smart checked the fees . including enterprise and hertwhereand avis and dollar. >> they don't make it easy on the website but they load them on when you return the car. >> add a driver. 133-30 dollars a day. >> and the driver under 25. fee can jump to 100 a day. lose a key 37cent -- 375. >> lowest drop off charge was $50. but believe it or not, avis charges a $1,000 to drop off a car in another location. >> if you return it 30 minutes late, you are charged for nearly a full day. >> fill up before you drop off to avoidd paying high prices for gas . you will avoid possible fees
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for refueling. that alone is $14. >> and consumer report said check your autopolicy and credit card so you know if you need to sign up. if you are renting a truck, generally yourr credit card company or insurance policy will cover it. >> think about buying insurance. >> and a south bay man got more than an adventure when he hit the mississippi. >> and a lesson in generosity, that is coming up. >> hey, guess what. you have the blues. it is right here in san francisco. i am don shan - sanchez . >> and the major change coming to the golden gate bridge and the powerful impact the way they share the public walk way.
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>> just a bist a wait to cross the bay bridge in frann frann. lanes are moving fine in the car pool or fast track lane. once you get on the bridge it is smooth sailing. >>s hacked in a website and posted a phony story that tupac shaker is living alive in new zealand. hackers claimed responsibility say it is retalation for a front line documentary about wikileaks that was unfair. they posted log in station for two pbs internal sites. >> a man was kyachting down the mississippi river when someone stole all of his stuff.
4:51 pm
his weekend has takenie -- taken a turn. >> to navigate the mississippi river. >> it is everything i wanted. >> that take luck. >> i northern california native jeff peerson started on the way to new orleans . made it to st. cloud. >> someone stole his tent, and map and kyact. >> people need to pay it forward. >> they gave pearson a rig. >> bucket list you don't mess with. >> carolyn saw the sunday head line the day after her husband made a discovery. >> a red cross kyact is missing and we found it. >> the river doesn't connect with the mississippi. >> we figure someone probably
4:52 pm
dumped it off of the bridge. >> i have had it five months. >> this is his home for two and half monthings. >> tent and sleepping bag were in the front. >> they dumped the kyact and paddles and add to the adventure. >> he said it meant everything to him. it is a big part of his life. >> now the californiiann has a memorial day weekend memory that is very minnesotian. >> these guys stole my boat and stuff. these people took care of me. what more can i ask for? >> jeff pearson hit the mississippi again. >> he is hoping to raise money. and here at home, we are expecting more rainn. >> and spencer is back with the accu-weather forecast occur january. i mean, june. >> it feels like january.
4:53 pm
we have low clouds moving inland . we have more poised to move in. it will be cloudy overnight . it will be wet as well it shows a cold unstable air mass moving in our direction. this will produce showers overnight and tomorrow. it will not be a completelyy wet day. there is periods of activity . state wide if you want sunshine go southward and a high tomorrow of 96. it will be sunny and mild and los angeles is a high of 73 . up north. it is cooler than average and there will be showers covering much of the state . here in the bay area tomorrow. high temperatures mainly in the low to mid60s and that's mild as it is going to get. we'll have periods of showers as well. look for a partly wet and sunny district attorney .
4:54 pm
near monterey bay, breezey and high temperatures only in the loww to mid-60s . here is a look at acweatherr 7-day forecast. showers developing overnight . continuing tomorrow . again with breaks . high inland aroundd the hid to upper 60s and mid-50s on the coast . then wednesday, it will have more unstable air and a chance of not only showers but thunderstorms on wednesday. it will be cool until june 1st or second . then 70s inland again. mores and - clouds and showers and then a pre-summer-like sunshine. >> spencer, i hope you are wrong. >> exactly. it is official.
4:55 pm
prince william and princess kate will not come to the bay area. >> they will visit canada and southern california. buckingham palace released the iternary. >> we are being snubbed by the royals. >> this time . among the festivities mempmemsinging the blues. -- arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez is getting the groove on. >> you say the blues like here . you think sad. but that is really not the case today thanks to a group of top-notch san francisco musicians. all rightt. it is blues, and for bobby,
4:56 pm
spider web, it is part of his profoil. >> the profile. >> the blus tell a story and a lot of them tell it through song. c ♪ c>> you can swing it or slow it down. >> bobby started it in golden gate park 16 yearrs ago. it is filled with faces of people who lived the blues. back when the filmore had jazz clubs. >> i lived the blues and kept the blues and i know all about the blues. >> slim came from new orleans. he once dated etta james. he said the blues are working the fields and the streets.
4:57 pm
>> blues make you happy when you are sad. blues, is our music. blues is our national anthem. >> to bobby blues are a way of life. his grandmother worked for duffy . thated -- that changed bobby's life. >> for them to give me a saxophone. >> wow, that is an interesting story. bobby said they have to keep the legacy going in the neighborhood. the festival will be back here again next year. abc 7 news. >> and he was snoop dog before snoop dogg. >> they had perfect weather. >> thanks for joining us. i am larry beil. we continue the local news
4:58 pm
with dan and karina. >> the search for a bay area nursing student and the calls to her going unanswered. >> a teen driver in the south bay goes on a destructive power trip. >> oakland a's and perfect tribute and teaming up with a fitting support service. >> good evening, oakland police want to learn more about how an illegal side show took a violent turn that ended with two people shot to death and one severely wounded. >> hundreds watched as drivers spun the cars in circles and someone opened fire. >> the shooting killed a mother of two and 29 year old eric bush. >> the hard honest, working
4:59 pm
man and took care of his family and kids. he's not a bad man at all. >> it is not real. there is so much hurt and pain. it is unexplainable pain. >> the shooting took place outside of the dragon motorcycle club. >> the neighbors said they held a block party every year for deck -- decades but the first time it turned into a screeching side show. >> san jose police hope someone will come forward with a tip on who murdered a mother of five in her car. richard was also in the car and got hit and survived. police are not saying how he made his way from the shooting scene to the hospital where he was treated. ross' family told our media partner that the vms


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